Hair accessories

1-(32)Compliment your hair and your hairstyle by using hair accessories that look attractive and helps create a perfect hairdo. Hair accessories come in different attractive shapes, size and styles. You can use striking and cute hair pins like butterfly clips and also pick up ruffles, beads, (faux) diamonds, vibrant coloured feathers, colourful hair bands etc.
Points to consider while choosing hair accessories:

First and foremost whatever accessory you use be sure that it fits comfortably in your hair and is not too tight or rough and does not pull your hair too hard.

For evening’s party wear, go for a glamorous look by using jeweled hair clips, beads or even feathers on your hair
Your hair accessory should differ as per the occasion. Wear flowers to weddings or other festive occasions with traditional outfits. You can wear feathers, tiaras and the like to complement western style outfits like evening gowns or cocktail dresses.
The colour of your hair accessory should match that of your outfit, purse and footwear.

Style in Summer
To beat the summer heat your hair accessory should be such that it can keep the hair off the nape of your neck. Thus if you have long hair, use ruffles, ribbons, butterfly clips to keep hair off the nape of your neck. For those with short hair, cloth bands used to keep hair off the forehead, make a pretty picture.

Hair bands are handy in the summer heat and it comes in various attractive colours and styles and go well with jeans and casuals when the colours match with the attire. So whether you have short or long hair, straight or curly hair, you can sport these simple head gears for a younger look.